Pre-order, what does it mean?


The Fairphone 3 and related products will be shipped in batches starting beginning of October 2019. The pre-order period for a Fairphone 3 started on Tuesday, August 27, 2019.

  • Pre-order means that you can place and pay for an order now, which will ship after a few weeks.
  • We ship in batches starting the beginning of October, following the chronological order of successful (= paid) orders. The received payment date is leading.
  • We can not accurately predict when your pre-order will ship because of many factors.
  • During the Pre-order period, only standard shipping is available.
  • If you need the order to arrive on a set date, we recommend you place your order after the pre-order period ends. Then, your order will ship 1 business day after we receive your payment. 

You can follow the progress of your order in our webshop via My Account. In My Orders you can find the current Order status.

The pre-order process has 3 steps:

  1. You place and pay for a pre-order of a Fairphone 3. Remember, if you need a USB-C charger and/or a headset, you have to add those too as they do not come default with the Fairphone 3. Make sure the shipping address, items, the VAT number and VAT charge are correct before you pay. Once we have successfully received your payment, your pre-order is active and the order status is Processing. This stays this way until a batch of Fairphone 3's arrives at our distribution center and we can assign an FP3 to your order.
  2. A Fairphone 3 is assigned to the order. When the order with the Fairphone 3 has entered the distribution system, the order status changes into Prepare for shipment. Your parcel is then already neatly wrapped up on a pallet and ready to start the journey to your shipping address!
  3. Expect your order. When the order starts its journey, you receive a shipping confirmation mail with a Track&Trace code. This code will be active within 24 hours. The Track&Trace is the most accurate prediction of when your pre-order with the Fairphone 3 will arrive.

The moment the order is delivered, the status of your order changes to Complete.

It is not possible to expand, change or cancel your paid order yourself. Please contact Customer support.