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VAT Deduction for EU Businesses

If you have a registered business within the EU, you can use your international VAT number to have the VAT charge deducted from your order.


Add VAT number to order

Enter your VAT:

  1. Enter your Company name and VAT-ID in the fields below Company info for business on the Checkout page.
  2. Make sure the VAT-ID is registered in the same country as the billing address.
  3. Press enter or use tab to go to the next field.
  4. Below the Company info for business fields, you should see a loading animation that states Please wait while we validate your VAT-ID.
  5. When your VAT-ID is verified with the VIES database, the animation turns into a green text field with the statement "Your VAT-ID is valid. We have identified you as EU business customer, you can order VAT-exempt in our shop now."
  6. The VAT now is deducted from your order, please verify this in your Order review before you press the blue button Place order. The stated tax amount should be € 0.00.

Use your international VAT number; a domestic VAT number does not work. Our system recognizes official VAT IDs connected to the European VAT system.

If you encounter an error when you enter your VAT number, exclude the country initials. The VAT number must be issued in the same country as the shipping address.

  • Enter the VAT number like this:
    [2 to 12 digits][B-if applicable][2 digits-if applicable]
    with no slashes or punctuation.
    For example: 1234567891B12



  • Your shipping address country must match the VAT-ID country.
  • If you are a Dutch business, do not enter your VAT number in your order. You claim the VAT yearly or quarterly via the Dutch tax office.
  • If the VAT is charged on the order confirmation, do not proceed with payment but contact Customer Support first.
  • If you are a VAT-exempt person, provide your Exemption Certificate when you contact Customer Support. You can do this after paying the VAT with your purchase.


You did not enter your VAT

If you did not enter your correct international VAT number, there are several options. They depend on the status of your order.


Unpaid order

If you did not pay for your order yet, your order has the status Awaiting payment. You can cancel your order and place a new order with the correct VAT number.


Paid order, not shipped

If your order is paid for but has not shipped yet - it has the status Preparing for shipment - contact our Customer Support. In some cases, we can cancel and refund the existing order so you can place a new one with the correct VAT.


Paid and shipped order

If your order has the status Processing or Complete, you have two options.

  1. If you find out within 14 days after delivery, we can start a cool-off procedure so you can return the order for a refund and place a new order with your VAT number. Contact our Customer Support if this applies to you.
  2. You can claim the VAT back via the VAT office of your country. This is possible for the UK, Germany, Austria, Denmark, Sweden, Belgium, Spain, Italy, France or Finland.

It is not possible to change the invoice for an existing order.


If after reading the article you need more help, contact our Customer Support.