Warranty with an Alternative OS

What happens with the warranty of your Fairphone when using an Alternative OS (not Fairphone OS)?

That depends on a few factors we'll cover in this article. You can use the table of contents to jump to the scenario that you're interested in.


Table of contents:


Phone bought and used with /e/OS

Did your Fairphone come with /e/OS out of the box? Then please reach out to Murena first. Murena's Customer Support will be able to help you and answer questions about /e/OS.

We can still provide you with help, especially when it comes to the hardware.


Bought from Murena in the USA?

In that case your support, both software and hardware, goes exclusively through Murena's Customer Support.


Phone with manually installed alternative OS

With a Fairphone bought from us, you are always free to switch to an alternative OS of your choice. However, that limits what support we can offer.

Our warranty does not cover problems that occur during the installation of an alternative OS. If something goes wrong (e.g. device no longer starts), we can fix your Fairphone at our repair center for a small fee. We restore the original software that came out of the box. In other words, if you bought a Fairphone with preinstalled /e/OS, it will come back from the repair with /e/OS.
After that, the warranty continues as usual.



If you have questions or feedback about another OS, it's best to seek support from the people behind the OS (e.g. in the case of /e/OS, please reach out to Murena). The developers know their own product best and if something needs to be fixed, they are the ones who can do it.



Hardware can break, no matter what software your phone is running. We can help you with that. Note that you may need to revert to the original OS during the troubleshooting/diagnostic process.

When claiming warranty from us, you will need an address that is located in one of the territories we ship to. We will use that European address for after-sales returns, such as repairs.


If after reading the article you need more help, contact our Customer Support.